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Thank you Wendy!

Always a great insight ! Always on point . Thank you Wendy !
- Jen OBrien

I am immensely grateful to you, Wendy!

My reading with Wendy was, unquestionably, the BEST astrological reading I have had...and I've had many over the years. All the others were initially briefly interesting, but then just faded from my memory. But Wendy's interpretation of my chart was not only interesting (and entertaining, Wendy has a great sense of humor), it has given me much-needed DIRECTION and SO MUCH HOPE. Wendy has the knowledge of and passion for astrology, AND she has a strong intuitive gift that brings more depth and insight to her readings. Before my reading, I told her that I've never felt that I was an Aries (my sun sign) and that I've always felt more affinity with Pisces (my moon). I'm sure it was because of that (and the lack of focus on that) that other readings didn't resonate with me. Wendy, on the other hand, immediately saw that in my chart and the reading felt RIGHT to me. I have listened to the recording of my reading at least a dozen times (oftentimes, back-to-back listenings) and EVERY time, I hear something 'new.' I even transcribed particular sections of it to put in my journal. I'm looking forward to keeping Wendy updated on my progress and so excited at the prospect of developing the gifts that she saw so clearly in my chart. I am immensely grateful to you, Wendy!
- C Gillette

Wendy is a true gem in this world.

Wendy is a true gem in this world. We are lucky to have her igniting positive change in all that come across her. Not only passionate about astrology but incredibly smart and has deep understanding and knowledge on the subject. Don't miss an opportunity to connect with her!
- Bruno Bondani

Wendy is head and shoulders above the rest!

I was referred to Wendy by a friend, since I was struggling with my Saturn return (ugh). My birth chart reading with Wendy was absolutely AMAZING. She is very thorough and offers very concrete advice, but she also knows the bounds of astrology, and doesn't overstep them. Her approach makes for a very informative experience, and I walked away from it feeling guided and calm. The reading was also prompt, friendly and professional. I can't wait to follow up with her as the next couple years unfold. I would most certainly come back to her even sooner for other types of readings, such as tarot. I've worked many astrologers and spiritual guides in the past, and Wendy is head and shoulders above the rest!
- Julia Reiss

Fabulous and helpful.

Fabulous and helpful. I loved the detail and the planning for upcoming energies. Thank you, Wendy! It was awesome!
- Jamye Price

I would highly recommend that everyone get a yearly reading

This my third reading with Wendy, and each time she provides me with a roadmap to get to where I want to go. She gives you the information you need so you will be aware when situations come up you have the tools to deal with them effectively. I would highly recommend that everyone get a yearly reading as she has been spot on the last two years! I just had a love/relationship reading and I'm excited to see where this takes me! I also purchased a yearly reading for my 21 yr old son and he has faithfully followed the direction Wendy showed him and is now a successful businessman with a bright future ahead. You will be surprised at how accurate these readings are and will recognize the traits of your sun sign. You will also see how small changes you make will translate into future happiness or take you down the road you were meant to travel!
- Lisa Kauffman

Wendy is a great intuitive.

Wendy is a great intuitive. She is warm and friendly. I really resonate with what she has to say and I think she's a great person to have around.
- Summer Dien

I HIGHLY recommend Wendy!

This gal is the real deal. I got a reading as gift 2 years ago and was super skeptical. She told me things that I thought "Oh boy, no way," such as coming into money and going into art (ART? Me? No way, especially as a career). Well, it all came to pass. I got a degree in interior design, and started writing books. That lead to a best seller and a movie deal. So NOW I am in the arts for a living just as she saw. I believe in free will and that we control our destiny, but I also know that energy lines up in ways we don't understand and somehow Wendy has the gift to interpret those shifts. I HIGHLY recommend Wendy!
- Landria Onkka

Highly recommend.

Wendy is the best in her field! An experienced astrologer, accurate and trustworthy. Wendy's insight and wisdom will assist you in navigating the currents in your life. Highly recommend.
- Lauren Nalder

I highly recommend working with her.

Wendy's astrological and intuitive expertise provided me with some great insights into my recent challenges. I understood why some things happened the way they did and am now more prepared how to approach my present and future. Working with her on an ongoing basis is supportive and encourages me to stick to my plan. I highly recommend working with her.
- Ramona Yoh

I will definitely be staying in contact

She knew more about me than I knew about myself. The call was highly insightful and incredibly accurate as to my interests, personality, and overall who I am as a person. I will definitely be staying in contact as well as getting more readings in the future.
- Tanner Kauffman

I couldn't be more grateful for this experience!

I couldn't be more grateful for this experience! A close friend and colleague of mine saw me a bit lost and gifted me with an Astrological Consultation with Wendy. Immediately after I had it, I felt it was not a gift but a blessing. She’s not just cool and down to earth, but tremendously knowledgable, intuitive, caring, warm, precise, sharp, sensitive and super funny! Although this is been something I’ve always felt curious about and wanted to do, I have to admit I was a bit nervous, but Wendy had the ability to make me feel safe right away, and the fact that I could listen to the whole consultation later, was (and still is) very helpful. I got to learn a lot about myself. Things make more sense to me now and, although I still have a lot of work to do, I feel much more grounded. Thank you, Wendy, I really can’t wait to pass on this meaningful gift to my loved ones and have another consultation with you again. Big hug and lots of sunshine your way!
- Aida Palau

We will for sure meet again!

Let's put it like this: I usually trust in facts and the spiritual path is quite new to me. But this reading was spot-on. Even if I do not know by now what of all the perspectives will happen in the future and which of the possible ways I am going to go - I now do know for sure, that my instincts work very well and that everything I observed during the last month was totally right and happens for a reason. Thank you so much Wendy for giving me a professional insight, very profound advice and a lovely, warm and open-minded talk. We will for sure meet again! Love and blessings, Annabelle
- Annabelle

Wendy is spot-on with all of her analysis.

Wendy is spot-on with all of her analysis. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses as well as what the planets are doing within your natal chart is empowering. Warm and soothing, her readings go far beyond the "evidence" as she clearly allows her intuition to help guide her reading as well. I would highly recommend that all those contemplating a life-partner have their natal charts read side-by-side and that all parents have their children's natal charts done as well.
- Liv Grohn

Wendy is very knowledgeable spiritually and has a lot to offer.

Wendy is very knowledgeable spiritually and has a lot to offer. I learned a lot about astrology and reiki during the time I spent with Wendy. Because of her path in life she offers a lot of wisdom in regard to raising children and just life challenges in general. Wendy has a beautiful soul and spirit and a very kind nature about her. I love and miss Wendy and hold her in very high esteem.
- Erika Rayburn

Cindy and I are so grateful for Wendy's recent reading

Cindy and I are so grateful for Wendy's recent reading (12/30/2014). We are listening to the recording, taking notes and discussing aspects. 2015 looks like a great year and Wendy provided clear guidance in dealing with upcoming issues. Wendy Cicchetti is a clear-headed, deeply inspiring friend and personal astrologer. I leap to recommend her as a wise counselor knowledgable of the archetypal patterns that operate within us all.
- Heather Williams

Wendy is definitely one of the best astrologers on the planet!

Wendy is definitely one of the best astrologers on the planet! Her readings are practical with truth that serves you in reaching your highest potential. She has been my aid in hard times and I consider her one of my angels. Do yourself a favor and book a reading for yourself, you'll be grateful you did.
- Genevieve Munoz

many blessings to you, and hugs galore.

as always,Wendy emphasizes the positive aspects and my reading was very helpful. I have been going through difficult and challenging situations and her insight gives new perspectives and suggestions. I feel energized and hopeful, whereas I was feeling bogged down in a pit of depression and just ready to give up. Now, I see the challenge but know that I am up to it, capable and willing. Thank you Wendy, many blessings to you, and hugs galore.
- Jeanne Jesmore

I have been getting readings by the fabulous Wendy Cicchetti for about 13 years.

I have been getting readings by the fabulous Wendy Cicchetti for about 13 years. I typically do it for my birthday every year. I can say that she is an excellent astrologer, accurate, etc but I think the proof is always in the pudding... I have been going to her for 13 years! I would never stay that loyal if she weren't amazing! 
- Denise Mazan

I would highly recommend her.

I've hired Wendy on numerous occasions to interpret my chart. She uses very precise and analytical methods and her intuition is spot on. She has a very comprehensive understanding of the craft and she augments her interpretive genius with her own gentle intuition. I would highly recommend her. She often has introductory specials so keep an eye out for them, it's often a good, low risk way to try out her services.
- John Penumbra

Wendy is amazing!

Wendy is amazing! Her readings are accurate and insightful. I never feel judged or misguided! She is amazing!!
- Elizabeth Karam

I am so truly happy you are in my life.

Dearest Wendy, Thank you so much for your guidance, advice and for sharing your remarkable gift. Your consults are much more than ‘readings’ they are ‘teachings’. You always provide great insight and clarity into some challenging phases of my life, leaving me with a clearer view. Your readings help me to move past some issues that inhibit my spiritual growth and instead inspire me to live my life from a place of empowerment. I am so truly happy you are in my life. Love, hugs, and smiles, Susan
- Susan Weinstein

Wendy is the best!

I have been doing consultations with Wendy for at least 10 years and they are always extremely helpful and enlightening. I have referred several friends to her over the years that still consult with her as well. Whether it's a general reading or a specific issue I'm looking for guidance with, I always come away with useful tools and a better understanding of how to deal with things. Wendy is the best!
- Heidi Llovet

I have been using Wendy's services for years

I have been using Wendy's services for years. She is a top notch astrologer that really knows her stuff. She is highly insightful and very helpful during life transitions! She is always available when needed and runs amazing specials at the beginning of the year to get you through the year offering mini readings.
- S. Wilde

I highly recommend her.

Wendy is phenomenal! I've known her for years and continually revisit her for her guidance and knowledge and support. She is so warm and caring - a total Earth mama - that you feel nurtured and loved when you spend any amount of time with her. Not to mention her readings are so scarily accurate I get goose bumps! I highly recommend her.
- Nicole Sedmak

Looking forward to my next reading!!!!!!

Wendy has truly masterd the gift of Astrological forecasting of birth charts,day today forecasting,monthly readings for your birthdate in love, marriage,work,home,etc !!! Her reading for me help to understand myself and why i was getting certain results and not able to create any real change . But since Her reading for me (Birth Chart) Im able to understand why i do the things i do and how to change them for a more positive outcome!! Thank you Wendy forever a follower and admirer Your Friend Tess !!!Looking forward to my next reading!!!!!!
- Tess S

Clearly one of the best reads I have had from an astrologer.

Clearly one of the best reads I have had from an astrologer. Wendy transcends the normal reading of planets and integrates who you are and what your purpose can be if you choose to follow her guidance and what the planets already have in store for you. I thoroughly enjoy her positive attitude and humor and continue to go back and listen to what she has shared about me, my future, my potential and particularly what things can cause stop signs in fulfilling my lifes happiness and joy! Fondly, Jude
- Jude Luttrell

I feel stronger after spending time with Wendy.

I've had two readings from Wendy, and she really helped me see my situation in a clear, down-to-earth way. She describes aspects and transits in ways that are easy for me to understand and work with. I feel stronger after spending time with Wendy.
- Alfred Haferkamp

Thank you Wendy for your loving guidance!

Wendy is a healer. She applies her experience and knowledge with kindness and effective, competent communication. An astute observer who thinks on her feet. Not afraid to speak her mind. Thank you Wendy for your loving guidance!

I recommend her most highly!

Wendy's Astrological readings are by far the most comprehensive and complete you will find. She is spot on and knows her stuff! You get charts to keep and refer to anytime, you won't be disappointed! . A person of integrity without question, shockingly accurate intuition, many healing talents, and multitude of other talents such as painting, mosaics, too many to mention, Wendy has it all.....I recommend her most highly!
- Suzen doobie

Wendy is an amazing astrologer

Wendy is an amazing astrologer, the real deal. She knows her stuff! I have been using her service for years. She is always available and runs amazing specials at the beginning of the year to help you during the year. A great person to consult to help you through life transitions!!
- Simone W.

I highly, highly recommend Wendy!

Wendy was incredible warm and professional during our 90-minute session. She was organized and made sure that we kept things moving in order to get through everything, but she also took time to answer all of my questions (and I had a lot!) along the way. She gave me wonderful insights about my personal and professional life, and I can't wait to try her "Three Phrases of Gratitude". I highly, highly recommend Wendy!
- Liz Jin

Wendy is phenomenally insightful and has guided me for years.

Wendy is phenomenally insightful and has guided me for years. Her uncanny accuracy has proven true over and over again. She also has the remarkable ability to hone in, not only on the metaphysical aspects, but also on the psychological aspects of people and situations. That extra psychological component combined with her exceptional foresight, and ability to educate help complete the overall spiritual understanding. Wendy has been invaluable to me over the years, and I am grateful that she is part of my life.
- Lindy McHutchison

Wendy can help you find clarity and inner wisdom.

Wendy is super intuitive, and amazingly insightful. My readings with her are extremely therapeutic and enlightening, and I recommend her to everyone! No matter where you are at in life, Wendy can help you find clarity and inner wisdom.
- Denise Cartwright

Wendy is an amazing Intuitive and is always incredibly accurate with her Readings.

Wendy is an amazing Intuitive and is always incredibly accurate with her Readings. She is also the person who helped put me on my spiritual path several years ago, which has changed my life for the better. For that reason, I have recommended her to several friends who look to me for advice when they are having a difficult time. Everyone who I have recommended to Wendy, has thanked me, as she has limitless wisdom and words of encouragement no matter what a person may have going on in their life. I highly recommend Wendy, as she is a Master at guiding someone, especially if life seems its darkest and you don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, she is also great to speak with when things are going well, as she is able to give advice on how to expand on the things that are right in your life.
- Cindy Kishel

Wendy is amazing!

I've had astrology/tarot readings for many years and from different readers and Wendy has topped them all. She is a true gift in my life. She's positive, compassionate, empathetic, and on point every time I speak to her. I used to feel anxiety when I'd have a reading, but not with Wendy. It's how she delivers. It's done with honesty, strength and love. I leave our readings feeling content and ready to take on whatever comes my way. Thank you, Wendy. You're a peach!
- Caitlin C

Incredibly helpful!

Wendy is wonderful! I've had an astrology and tarot reading with her and both helped me during times of confusion. Her words provided clarity when I needed it the most. She herself is warm, loving and a joy to speak to you. Plus, she sends you a recording of the conversation and other helpful material that you can always return to when necessary. Thank you, Wendy!! xx
- Yasmin

Best Reading I Have Ever Had

Wendy is a guiding light in my life. With everyone having an opinion of what I should do, who I should be and what I should do with my time here on this Earth, my life became increasingly confusing. Too many opinions became overwhelming. But... with Wendy she read my chart and confirmed what my soul has been yearning for and what I have been afraid to listen to fully. I am so grateful to her and will keep her on my speed dial when I need clarity 🙂
- Brandon Spratt

What a wonderful soulful connection

I had my first reading with Wendy, and loved every minute of it. Not only is she highly intuitive and very accurate with the astrology charts, she connects with you at the heart level and makes the reading very relevant to what's going on in your life today! She listens, responds and shares her treasures from a very deep and soulful place. Thank you so much for your gifts of wisdom, compassion and love. Brenda B - Northern Cali
- Brenda

Simply amazing!

Wendy, I can't thank you enough for all of your insight and guidance. Your reading was spot on! I received your reading as a birthday gift; best gift ever! Love & Light 🙂
- Nicole

Reading with Wendy

Wendy is real. I find her accuracy uncanny. She puts love and care into each session. She goes above and beyond sharing tools to get you past blocks, to create your dreams. I would recommend her positive sessions in a nanno!
- Felicia

Wendy always goes above & beyond

You will be amazed at how spot-on Wendy's readings are! She has helped guide me many times over the last 10+ years and I can't say enough good things about her. In addition, she makes you feel truly understood and cared for, and goes above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need to take the next steps toward success and personal growth.
- Katja

Simply put - WOW!

I can't thank Wendy enough for her guidance! I suspect I will be checking in for regular readings from now on! It was nice to get a clearer sense that I'm on the right path. I feel now that I have a stronger desire to get to where I need to be and how I want to get there. Thank you Wendy!!!
- Kristina

Feels amazing to be 'seen' & appreciated

My first session with Wendy astounded me in that she 'saw' and understood my nature ... and she appreciated me. Sometimes a family history sets us up to think that the way we are is negative and we feel we need to be some other way in order to be accepted. Wendy not only sees me but recognizes both my strengths and my true intent. Thank you for opening a window, Wendy. Since then, I've found Wendy to be a wonderful sounding board: between her years of experience and insight, she has the wisdom of years and acceptance, which I need for the best guidance possible. I am grateful.
- Miche


Wendy is wonderful!!!! She explains everything so beautifully and understandably, giving great advices and assignments! So grateful for her!
- Ilze

Always learning

Writing this review three months after having my reading done and still gaining insight from Wendy‘s words even now! Highly recommend a reading no matter where you are in life, there is always more to learn and reflect on.
- Linnea

A Must for Child Readings

I recently had my first astrology reading done by Wendy for both my very young children. She was recommended to me by a dear friend who was very happy with her. It is clear to see that Wendy has a special talent in astrology and soul guidance. The information and guidance I received from her in regards to me understanding my children and how to assist them best in life is truly priceless. I'm grateful for her important work and I highly recommend that anyone with children get a Child's Astrology Reading done as soon as possible.
- Katya

My First In Depth Astrological Reading

I am extremely pleased with the amount of time and attention I received in my reading with Wendy. My friend told me about her a few years ago and the tools Wendy was able to give her and I finally made the appointment especially in a very long difficult time I, and it seems many others, have been experiencing of late. Wendy helped lift a spiritual/mental weight off my shoulders concerning my worth and work ethic: the constant dilemma of not feeling enough or too much. She told me about dualities in my birth chart which helped to explain a lot of events and constant issues I’ve struggled with. She gave me tools to align my thinking to live in the moment knowing that all is in divine right timing, that this current human experience my soul chose. It will definitely be a reading I will use for years to come I’m sure to make sense of life as it continues to unfold.
- K.D. O'Hair